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Looking for an air conditioning system for your home, but want an alternative to the usual ducted air or split system options? Cassette air conditioners may be the right choice for your home. Striking the ideal balance between high-performance functionality and elegant style, a cassette type air conditioner may be the solution you’re looking for.

Offering a vast range of benefits and equipped with a welcome suite of features, a cassette type air conditioner can make the perfect addition to any living space.

Cyber Air Conditioning specialises in all your cassette AC needs, from installation and servicing to cleaning and repairs, helping you get the very best from your system.

What is a Cassette Air Conditioning System?

A cassette air conditioner is essentially a split system AC unit with separate outdoor and indoor-installed components. Unlike the more familiar split systems that have the indoor section installed on the wall, a cassette unit’s indoor component is installed in the ceiling. Only the grille is noticeable from inside the main living space of the house. The outdoor component contains the unit’s heat exchanger, and is typically installed on the outside wall of the house.

Though cassette air conditioning systems are more commonly found in commercial buildings, they’re fast growing in popularity for residential properties as well. For gold standard cassette air conditioner installation services for your home, contact the team at Cyber Air Conditioning.

How Do Cassette Air Conditioners Work?

Being a form of split system air conditioner, a cassette AC unit operates on the same principles as a wall-mounted system. To explain the process of how it cools a room, it works by having a refrigerant gas pumped through the condenser. The gas cools as it moves through and changes to its liquefied state.

While in its liquid form, the refrigerant is then pumped through the evaporator where it reverts back to its gaseous state. The refrigerant then experiences a significant decrease in temperature before travelling back through the condenser where the cycle is repeated.

While this all takes place in the outdoor unit, the indoor component draws in air from inside your home. That air then moves over the evaporator coils in the unit; these coils help to cool the air. The cooled air then gets pumped back into the room, and the cycle starts once again.

Cassette Air Conditioner Installation

As previously explained, the key difference between cassette air conditioners and other split system units is in the installation process. While the internal units of most split system air conditioners are wall mounted, a cassette unit is installed within the ceiling.

Cassette air conditioners are generally relatively easy to install. The general belief is that installation is best suited to larger spaces, and that it does require a significant amount of ceiling space. You should consult an experienced AC installation specialist on the best place to install your internal unit for two reasons:

  • As house ceiling spaces are typically comprised of a series of joists and beams, installation may affect structural integrity if not done properly.
  • An experienced installation technician will be able to determine the best location for maximum airflow coverage.

Cassette air conditioners are perhaps best suited to conventional ceilings. If yours is decorative, or features a lot of rounded or angled elements, there may be more suitable options for you.

For the external unit, the best location for installation will depend on these factors:

  • Optimal sturdiness and stability with no room for vibrations
  • Ample space on each side to facilitate maximum airflow
  • Easy accessibility for any maintenance needs
  • Minimal susceptibility of exposure to corrosive elements

The noise that the outdoor component generates may also be a factor, so you might want to avoid installing on a wall adjacent to your neighbour.

Benefits of Cassette Type Air Conditioner Systems

Cassette air conditioners offer a multitude of benefits that will truly enhance your home.

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning gives you clean, fresh cooled air in summer and heated air in winter.
  • In-ceiling installation and sleek design makes for an aesthetically pleasing unit that does not take up valuable wall space.
  • Whisper quiet operation indoors due to the condenser being located outside of the building.
  • Maximum air circulation and distribution across larger spaces due to powerful fans and ceiling mounting.
  • Modern cassette air conditioners come with thermostats that are programmable as well as the ability to regulate fan speeds.
  • This enables you to set the temperature of the room and the speed of the fan to suit your current comfort level, allowing for greater energy efficiency and potential cost savings.
  • Maintenance is relatively easy, with twice-weekly filter cleans and wiping with a dry cloth being all that is required. Just be sure to turn the power off before you clean though.

Cassette air conditioner installation may be a little more expensive than other forms of air conditioning, but the benefits will far outweigh the costs and is therefore well worth considering for your home. A Cyber Air Conditioning technician is available in your area to assist with your installation, maintenance and repair needs.

We Are Your Cassette Unit Installation Professionals

Cyber Air Conditioning has all your needs covered when you need specialist service and advice on all cassette air conditioner install, repair and service requirements. There are many reasons to choose us:

  • Our experienced technicians are fully certified and insured and undergo regular refresher training to keep their skills and practices current.
  • 24/7 availability means we can be at your home any time of the day or night, any day of the year.
  • Our fixed price guarantee means that you pay no extra on weekends, holidays or after standard business hours. You’ll also be quoted by the job rather than by the hour, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying from the outset.
  • We aim to be at your door within one hour of your contact with us*.
  • Choose from a selection of convenient payment options including card, cash, cheque and interest free** terms.
  • 12-month workmanship warranty provides added peace of mind.
  • $20 million public liability insurance protects against onsite injury or property damage.

Our state-of-the-art service vehicles come equipped with all the essential tools, parts and materials needed for a smooth and disruption-free cassette air conditioner installation. They are also fitted with top-of-the-line GPS technology which enables us to notify you when we’re on our way to your home.

Enjoy Cassette AC Installation on Interest Free** Payments

If you’re worried about a cassette air conditioner’s price, you can rest easy knowing that Cyber Air Conditioning’s convenient payment options make installation in your home much less financially stressful.

In conjunction with finance providers Humm and Zip, we’re able to offer a range of interest free** payment terms to approved customers, some with zero deposit required, with the flexibility to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

The Cyber Air Conditioning technician at your home will assist with the application process, and the vast majority of our customers are approved within minutes. It’s our way of helping you enjoy the comfort that comes with cassette air conditioners sooner rather than later.

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With so many benefits to having a cassette type air conditioner installed in your home, it makes sense that so many homeowners across the country are opting for this type of unit. It also makes sense to have Cyber Air Conditioning take care of all your installation, servicing and maintenance needs.

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