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Looking to enjoy toasty warm comfort during the cooler months of the year? Cyber Air Conditioning can make it happen with ducted gas heating installed throughout your home. We’re your local experts in installing, repairing and maintaining ducted gas heaters that enable you to survive winter in style.

With ducted gas heating, you no longer need to worry about bitingly cold temperatures throughout the day and night. You can set the temperature to suit your comfort level with maximum ease, so you can work, relax or sleep better.

Whether you’re looking for ducted gas heating installation, repair or maintenance services, you can rely on Cyber Air Conditioning to get the job done.

How Does Ducted Gas Heating Work?

Ducted gas heating works in a similar fashion to other heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that use ductwork to distribute air throughout your home.

The short answer to the question of ‘how does gas ducted heating work?’ is that the system draws in the cold air from the room, heats up the air and redistributes it throughout various rooms of your home.

The more detailed answer is that ducted gas heaters use a single, primary heating unit which is typically installed either in the roof or on the wall outside the house. The unit is connected to various zones of the house via a series of ducts – also in the roof – and vents which are installed in the ceiling.

A fan located in the central ducted heating unit takes in the cold air from the room and warms the air using a natural gas-powered heater (usually a gas furnace or reverse cycle conditioner). The now-heated air then gets pumped through the ducts into the home via the vents or duct outlets which have been installed in the ceiling.

That air then gets recirculated through the system, returning to the heater through the vents after accumulating in a return air grille. As the air moves back to the heater it gets reheated before being pumped back through the ducts and into the main living spaces of your home. The recirculation process helps to keep the set temperature consistent and largely unchanged by the temperature outdoors.

Most ducted gas heating systems allow you to choose to heat all of the installed zones of your home or only selected zones at any given time.

The Main Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating

When you need a heating system for your home that offers high performance and energy efficiency when you need it most, you need a ducted gas heating system installed by Cyber Air Conditioning. They offer a wealth of benefits and advantages that include:

  • Greater temperature control flexibility – choose to heat all zones with ducted heating installed or select zones only. You can also set different temperatures in each of those zones.
  • Greater energy efficiency – the use of natural gas instead of electricity as a source of power helps to minimise both your carbon footprint and your energy costs.
  • Performs well regardless of the weather conditions – no matter whether the weather is cold or really cold, it won’t affect the performance of your ducted gas heating system.
  • Superior air quality – the air that passes through your ducted gas heater goes through a filtration process, meaning that the air that gets pumped through the ducts is clean and largely free of unwanted dust, dirt and allergens.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – because the ducts and the central ducted heating unit are both installed in the roof, and only the vent grilles are visible from the main living spaces of the home, it makes for an aesthetically appealing heating solution.

Though installation will need to be taken care of by a licensed air conditioning technician, the process is relatively straightforward and often takes no more than a day to complete. Speak to Cyber Air Conditioning about how installing ducted heating can make a difference to your home.

Ducted Gas Heater Maintenance

To ensure your ducted gas heating is able to continue performing at its best, it’s crucial to keep your system properly serviced and maintained. Not only will a properly maintained ducted gas heating system keep its performance at optimal levels, but it will also help minimise the risk of house fire or toxic fumes from polluting your home.

There are numerous parts and components that can hinder the performance of your ducted gas heater if they don’t undergo periodic maintenance or servicing.

The filters, ducts and return air grille can become congested with dust, dirt and debris, reducing air flow and making the motor work harder to maintain performance levels. The motor and other parts of the unit can also break down over time with natural wear and tear, leading to faults and reduced performance efficiency.

The use of gas as the energy source leaves the ducted heating unit and your home susceptible to gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning. By having a licensed air conditioning technician replace any worn components of your system and perform a thorough inspection and clean of the entire unit, you can reduce the risk of your gas ducted heater becoming inefficient or potentially hazardous.

Gas Ducted Heating Services We Offer

Cyber Air Conditioning provides a comprehensive range of installation, maintenance and repair services to ensure your ducted gas heating system continues to work at its full potential.

Call us when you need:

  • Ducted heating system replacement and installation
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Duct cleaning and maintenance
  • Fault finding and diagnosis
  • Part replacement, including motors, fans, capacitors and diffusers
  • Resealing ducted gas heater flue and flue maintenance
  • Negative pressure testing

All installation, maintenance, servicing and repair work comes with a 12-month workmanship warranty so you can be completely confident and satisfied with the services we offer.

Why Choose Cyber AC for Ducted Gas Heating?

In addition to the various services, we offer for our ducted gas heating customers, there are a multitude of reasons to call on the expertise of Cyber Air Conditioning:

  • We boast a team of fully licensed and experienced technicians who regularly complete training and development refreshers to keep their skills current.
  • We’re available 24/7 for all emergency ducted gas heater repairs and maintenance needs.
  • Fast response times means that we aim to be at your home within one hour* of your initial contact.
  • The Cyber Air Conditioning fixed price guarantee means you’re quoted by the job rather than by the hour, and you’re not charged extra for weekend, holiday or out of business hours calls. You know what you’re paying before work even begins, no matter what time of the day or night we’re there.
  • We provide a range of payment options, including interest free** payment terms for your convenience.
  • The onsite work and finished result are protected by $20 million public liability insurance, and a 12-month workmanship warranty respectively.

We’ll come to you in our state-of-the-art service vehicles, which are fitted with the latest GPS technology and all the necessary tools, parts and materials needed to complete the job with optimal ease.

Got a Ducted Gas Heater Emergency? We Can Be There in an Hour*

Emergencies happen. We get that. And when that emergency is regarding your ducted gas heating system, it’s an emergency that needs urgent attention.

Cyber Air Conditioning provides urgent ducted gas heater repairs and maintenance services to minimise the risk of the emergency becoming a major hazard. Whether the heater has stopped working when you need it most, or you detect a gas leak that needs immediate attention, we can be at your home within one hour of your call.*

With technicians across much of metropolitan mainland Australia, there’s almost always a Cyber Air Conditioning service vehicle near you.

Interest Free** Payment Terms Providing Convenience and Flexibility

When it comes to ducted gas heating installation or repair cost, it certainly helps to have a range of payment options available. In addition to cash, card and cheque payment options, Cyber Air Conditioning also provides a range of interest free** payment terms that offer convenience and financial relief when you maybe need it most. Some even require zero upfront deposit, allowing you to get your ducted heating needs seen to today, without having to worry about immediate payment.

Available through providers Humm and Zip, you also have the flexibility to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment instalments.

Your onsite ducted gas heating technician can assist you with the application process, and the majority of our customers enjoy approval within just minutes. Speak to a Cyber Air Conditioning contractor about the payment options available to you.

Speak To Us About Ducted Heating For Your Home

Cyber Air Conditioning can bring warmth and comfort to your home with installation of a new ducted gas heating system, or with maintenance and repairs to your existing unit. With 24/7 availability, every day of year, we’re ready and able to assist with all your emergency repairs no matter what time of the day or night.

To book our services in your area, simply give Cyber Air Conditioning a call or contact us online and one of our friendly customer service representatives will call you back within three minutes.

Everything You Need to Know About Ducted Gas Heating

Do you have any questions about ducted gas heating? We’ve got you covered right here.

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